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Longhedge Show Processing provide a comprehensive solution for all your show processing needs via our partners First Place Processing, ranging from everything you would expect from a basic pre-show processing service through to our flagship FPP Live service designed to enhance the show organiser and competitor experience before, during and after the show is complete. To find out more about these services, please see below and click on the relevant links for more information.

Competitors can register on the site free of charge, giving them easy access to entering all shows that we process. With over 15000 registered users, it is one of the most popular online entry systems in the UK, created to allow competitors to enter shows in just a few clicks.

Pre-Show Processing

Our pre-show processing package is our starting level for accepting online entries. It allows the Show Organisers to get on with other aspects of show organisation leaving all the processing to Longhedge Show Processing. We will deal with all the paper entries, manage online entries, check payments, chase up any outstanding payments and deal with all entry enquiries for you. We include the facility to handle banking of cheques and regularly transferring online payments directly to your show accounts, which,coupled with our comprehensive reports, greatly reduces the workload for show secretaries and treasurers. Show organisers can keep up to date with how entries are progressing via access to their own area of the FPP Show Admin site.

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FPP Live!

Our new FPP Live service takes us into the realms of paperless show processing with electronic calling in systems, electronic scriming and instant results available online as soon as dogs complete their runs. Whilst you may have seen the obvious benefits as a competitor, where you can see how rings are progressing and view your results instantly, the benefits for the Show Organisers are massive. Click on the link below to discover benefits that you may not have thought of!

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Championship Package

Our Championship package is now part of FPP Live, and includes live results, updates of the current dog running in the ring, instant calculation of Finalists and an optional dedicated display of the current leaderboard.

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FPP Mobile & Ringside Updates

Keep your competitors informed on the status of the rings at your show using a simple to use interface that allows competitors to follow ring updates on their mobile devices! If being used in conjunction with FPP Live they can track the results of classes in real time through the mobile site!

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FPP Results

If you opt to use FPP Live, all results from your show will automatically appear on our dedicated Results Service page with results continually updating as dogs complete their rounds!

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FPP Show Admin

Show Secretary access to your own area on First Place Processing where you will be able to monitor entry progress, see how runs in rings are building up, see who has entered, track camping and offers of help, and get a continual update of show income. Show Secretaries have access to all their shows that we have processed to allow quick comparisons with previous shows.

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About Longhedge Show Processing

Longhedge Show Processing was established in 2007 as part of Longhedge Services. We pride ourselves on providing a top class service to our clients, taking on the responsibilities of dealing with competitor enquiries. In partnership with First Place Processing we now offer online entries as well as our comprehensive at-show and post-show processing packages.

We also offer puppy training and dog obedience classes through The Vale of Belvoir Dog Training Club and agility classes, including puppy foundation classes through Agility Nuts.

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Latest KC Show Results

For all shows from 2018 onwards, results are available via FPP Live at


Shows closing soon

The following shows all close within the next 15 days:

Agility Nuts KC Show
    Closes August 15th

North Derbyshire Championship Show
    Closes August 15th

WBSDS Premier Agility Show
    Closes August 22nd

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