FPP Live!

FPP Live! is our new electronic scoring system that takes shows into the realms of paperless processing, with electronic calling sheets, electronic scriming and instant live updating of results that can be viewed on different devices including sompetitors' mobile phones. Competitors will have access to their results directly through their FPP accounts and Show Secretaries will be able to see how their shows are progressing in real time from a single point. As this service grows and competitors get attuned to the benefits of the service it will ultimately lead to PA systems only being needed for presentations and not for calling to rings with all the information readily available at the fingertips of all competitors.

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FPP Live! includes all of the following:

At-Show Processing
Electronic Calling In
Competitors joining a queue will be booked in on a tablet by a member of the ring party. The tablet will allow ring party to mark late runners, will indicate members and allow people to leave the queue if necessary. The system will also handle re-runs and run-offs, keep track of how many dogs have run in the class and indicate how many are in the queue.
Electronic Scriming
The scrimer tablet allows the scrimer to simply input faults whilst watching the judge and input time at the end of each run (electronic timing will ultimately be linked to the scrimer tablet to negate this step)
Scoreboard tablet/laptop/display
As soon as the scrimer has confirmed the results for a competitor, the results will instantly be displayed on this device. Competitors can view them as well on their own devices providing they have Wifi/internet access. Results will be automatically grouped by Grade, etc. where appropriate.
Instant printing of award sheets and final results
Award sheets and Results can be printed the instant a class finishes. A Wifi enabled laptop with compatible printer will be required for this. Results will also be available online, so you may opt not to print them at the show. Competitors will be able to view their results through their account with FPP.
Automatic update of ring progress
The calling tablet can be used to update the calling to status of a ring, or to let people know when courses are walking or on a if a ring is on a break. The information will be readily accessible on mobile devices and can be displayed on screens at the show should you request it.
Electronic PA Screen
The laptop used to print the awards can be used to display our Electronic PA screen. Changes in ring status made by the people operating the calling tablets will be flagged visibly and audibly on the screen allowing the PA to make calls without having to note things down. Because there is a visible cue to indicate that a call has been made on a ring, it makes the life of the PA much, much simpler than having to deal with multiple walkie-talkie calls coming in at the same time. If you haven't seen this in action, please have a look at a show that is using the system - this is recognised as the number one stress-saving feature of FPP Live!
Live online results
As well as being available on competitors' mobile devices, results will appear on the Results page of this site the instant the scrimer confirms a dog's run!
Instant calculation of Championship Final Qualifiers and Running Orders
As soon as the second part of the Championship class is complete, the system can generate a list of the Qualifiers for the Final and generate the order in which the qualifiers should run in the Final.
Paper backup
Full paper backup will be provided the first time that FPP Live! is used at a new venue. To date we have yet to visit a venue where we have been unable to get a signal to allow FPP Live! to function, and, with network coverage increasing all the time, we are confident that this will never be a problem. However, there are no guarantees so we will always provide all the paperwork needed as backup the first time a venue is used. Where FPP Live! has been used before, paper calling sheets will be provided on request, and we will provide booklets of blank scribe sheets which can be re-used at subsequent shows.
Post-Show Processing
On provision of the relevant details, we will send Qualifier results to the relevant organisers as soon as possible after the show

Shows that have used FPP Live!

Since FPP Live! was fully launched at the start of 2018 the following shows have all enjoyed use of the service:

  • Kennel Club International Agility Festival
  • Nottingham Championship Show
  • Agility Club Premier & Championship Show
  • North Derbyshire Championship Show
  • Wyre Championship Show
  • Derbyshire Championship Show
  • Empingham Premier & Open Show
  • WBSDS Premier & Open Shows
  • QMe Agility Show
  • TAG Shows
  • MAD Agility Show
  • Dog Vegas Agility Shows
  • Agility Nuts KC and Independent Shows

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About Longhedge Show Processing

Longhedge Show Processing was established in 2007 as part of Longhedge Services. We pride ourselves on providing a top class service to our clients, taking on the responsibilities of dealing with competitor enquiries. In partnership with First Place Processing we now offer online entries as well as our comprehensive at-show and post-show processing packages.

We also offer puppy training and dog obedience classes through The Vale of Belvoir Dog Training Club and agility classes, including puppy foundation classes through Agility Nuts.

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Latest KC Show Results

For all shows from 2018 onwards, results are available via FPP Live at http://results.firstplaceprocessing.com


Shows closing soon

The following shows all close within the next 15 days:

Agility Nuts KC Show
    Closes August 15th

North Derbyshire Championship Show
    Closes August 15th

WBSDS Premier Agility Show
    Closes August 22nd

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