Discover Dogs 2023

Small Mixi Pairs Challenge

Date Heat Results
June 3-4 Wye Valley
June 17-18 Axstane
June 24 - July 1 Lune Valley
July 1 Wellingborough
July 22-23 Caerphilly
July 29-30 Derbyshire
August 27 Scottish Kennel Club
September 2-3 Letchworth
December Discover Dogs Semi-Final  

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This is a competition consisting of eight heats of jumping. The competition is open to small dogs, partnering a medium dog, intermediate dog or a large dog, and heats will be scheduled as a Special combined class for grades 1 to 7.


The competition is open to two dogs with separate handlers. One dog must be a small dog, 35cm or under at the withers, the partner can be a medium dog, over 35cm but 43cm or under at the withers, or an intermediate dog over 43cm and measuring 50cm or under at the withers, or a large dog over 50cm.

Handlers with more than one dog may enter in more than one pair. However, they may only qualify a maximum of two dogs for the final. No substitute handlers will be allowed in the final.

Should a qualified dog or handler within a pair be unable/unfit to enter the final that pair will not be able to compete. Their place in the final will be offered to the next available pair with the highest points who have not qualified.

Competition Rules

The competition will be held under Kennel Club rules and regulations for Agility and any handler entering the competition will be deemed to have agreed to abide by these rules and regulations. Standard rules will apply and all equipment used shall be of a standard size for that height category.

This is normally a relay competition involving a baton change between each dogs run. However due to Covid-19 there will be no baton changeover and the event will be run as 2 individual scored runs following each other. The times and faults of each dogs run will be added together to produce a pairs score.

An elimination will incur a penalty of 100 faults. Once a dog has been eliminated it cannot incur further faults. However, if either member of the pair fail to complete the course or either of the dogs foul the ring the pair will be disqualified.

The competition will involve changes of height of the obstacles being jumped by the medium/intermediate/large dogs at two stages during the class. The judge will decide which height of dog to start with and will announce the changes of height when relevant. It is the competitors’ responsibility to be available accordingly. The course will be walked by everyone before the beginning of the class.

The final will consist of two rounds of jumping competition. The winners of the Discover Dogs Small / Mixi Pairs will be the pair with the least combined faults in the fastest combined time calculated over the two rounds of the final. The Final will be held at at the London International Horse Show at the Excel, London in December 2023. Car parking will not be provided by the Kennel Club.


Points will be awarded to the specific pair (consisting of two handlers with their dogs) which competes at the heat. Points are not transferable between different pair combinations.

Pairs will score 15 points for 1st place down to 1 point for 15th place. Points will be accumulated over all eight heats and the 15 pairs with the most points will go through to the final at Discover Dogs 2021.

General Regulations
All events must be judged under the appropriate Kennel Club regulations H & H (1) in force at the time of the event. Competitors entering any competition will be deemed to have agreed to abide by these regulations.

All heats must take place at Kennel Club licensed shows and the class name in the schedule should replicate exactly the name of the competition as stated in these regulations.

All Kennel Club supported competitions should be judged using standard marking.

If the entry for the heat exceeds the Kennel Club limit for a judge in a day, then the class will be equally split and another judge appointed for the second part. Qualifiers and points from that heat will be taken in equal proportion from each part.

Dogs entered in any heats must be eligible for the competition entered. Judges have the right to check the dog’s Kennel Club Agility Record Book to ensure the dog is running in the correct height category. Where points are accumulated throughout the year these will be allocated to the specific handler and dog partnership (no substitution of dog or handler may be made). If there is an equality of points after all the heat results have been calculated, the dog and handler partnership which has achieved the highest place at a heat will take preference in the final allocation of places.

An entry fee will be charged for each dog at Crufts and Discover Dogs.

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