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To change your dog’s grade, click on the red arrow next to their current grade in My Dogs. If your dog is currently in Grade 1, 2 or 3 you will be asked whether you are moving up on points or by a win. Other grade changes can only be achieved by wins. If you moved up by a win, enter the date of the LAST win that resulted in you winning out. You do not need to enter all qualifying wins, just details of the last one.

A list of shows that you have entered that are affected by the grade change will be listed. Click on each of them and amend any classes accordingly.


  • If you are moving from Grade 1 to 2, you will need to move all your dogs separately. Use the same winning out date as the dog that actually won out for you.
  • If you have moved up more than 1 grade since you last used First Place Processing, please email us to let us know your new grade as this will need to be dealt with manually.

The new grade will only be shown 25 days after the winning out date. Do make sure that you clicked on the arrow next to the dog’s grade rather than clicking on the dog’s name and editing the grade in their details. A green arrow next to the dog's name indicates that a grade change is pending. When you enter any shows you enter that are beyond the date you move up, your dog will be listed at the new grade for those shows.


  • Do NOT delete your dog's details and re-enter them from scratch. This will impact on any shows the dog is entered in!
  • If in any doubt, please email us rather than try to resolve things yourself. We will let you know if you have done things correctly and will rectify any errors you might have made.

If you have moved up more than 1 grade since you last used First Place Processing, please click on Contact Us and email the information to us as this will need to be dealt with manually.

Remember that you only move up 25 days after your winning out date. If your next show is within that time frame, you remain at your current level.

If the show is more than 25 days after you won out but you have only made the change online less than 14 days before the show then you will not be permitted to run the dog at the show.

Grade changes MUST be made at least 14 days before the start of the first show affected. The system will recognise this and not offer you the opportunity to change classes.

Enter the earliest date possible. The exact date is only used to ensure that you do not enter the incorrect classes within 25 days of winning out.

Email us the details and we will reset the dog to their original grade.

Email us the dog's details and any classes entered and we will reset it for you.

About Longhedge Show Processing

Longhedge Show Processing was established in 2007 as part of Longhedge Services. We pride ourselves on providing a top class service to our clients, taking on the responsibilities of dealing with competitor enquiries. In partnership with First Place Processing we now offer online entries as well as our comprehensive at-show and post-show processing packages.

We also offer puppy training and dog obedience classes through The Vale of Belvoir Dog Training Club and agility classes, including puppy foundation classes through Agility Nuts.

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