Diamond Package

For a fully comprehensive show processing service that includes processing results at the show, choose the Longhedge Show Processing Diamond Package. The service includes acceptance of online entries via First Place Processing.

The Diamond Package includes processing of show results during classes as standard!

Please contact us before booking this package to fully discuss your needs.

Handling of Entries
Online Entries accepted via First Place Processing
Entries sent to LHSP
Queries dealt with by LHSP
Ring cards, etc. sent out by LHSP
Payments checked by LHSP
Design of Entry Forms
Publication of Show Schedule and Entry Form
Longhedge Show Processing website
First Place Processing website*
Agility Net (submitted)
Facebook Show Schedules Page
Agility Forum
For the Competitors
Email confirmation, reminders and notifications sent
Running Plans*
Ring Cards, including Camping & Helping Info
Ring Plans
Show Information
For each Class
Random Running Orders
Calling Sheets
Scribe Sheets
Score Sheets
Final Results Sheets
For the Show Organiser
Breakdown of Payments
Breakdown of Online Payments*
Regular transfer of online payments via BACS*
Refunds of online payments where needed*
Banking of cheques (see note 2)  
Direct handling of Grade Changes
Master list of entrants
List of Campers
List of Helpers
Summary of Class Sizes
Automatic Calculation of Rosettes/Trophies if required
At-Show Processing
Results entered Ringside or centrally
A user friendly interface allows any helper at the show to enter results into a laptop immediately after each dog has run! Includes built in security to ensure that results can only be entered for dogs taking part in the current class.
Printout of final results for all dogs in each class.
Within a couple of minutes of a class closing, the final results can be printed that allows competitors to see how their performance compares with everyone else in the class.
Printout of rosette and trophy winners for each class.
Within a couple of minutes of a class closing, a list of all the rosette and trophy winners can be printed in readiness for presentations. This means that there is no need for the scorers to write up any results.
All types of classes catered for.
Whether the class is a straightforward Combined 1-3 course, a Graded class, a Time, Fault & Out class, a Pairs event or a Team event, the system can handle them all.
Instant calculation of Championship Final Qualifiers and Running Orders.
As soon as the second part of the Championship class is complete, the system can generate a list of the Qualifiers for the Final and generate the order in which the qualifiers should run in the Final. All paperwork for the Final can then be printed out.
Complete paper backup.
The system does rely on people entering information from scribe sheets accurately into the laptops at the ringside. Occasionally human input errors will occur, but by sorting the scribe sheets into result order at the rings, a quick check against the computerised results at the end of the class will identify any errors and they can be changed. The check would be carried out remotely from the ring leaving the ring party free to carry on with other duties.
Real-time display of results for all dogs in specific classes (additional charges apply).
As the results are input into the laptops, the current results (in result order) are displayed on remote monitors. Competitors can easily see how they are doing in any of the current classes without having to hassle anyone inputting the results at the ring.
Post-Show Processing
All results published online
Placed results sent to different bodies as required (details to be provided by show)

See our FAQs section to find out what the difference is between a running plan and ring cards/ring plan


  1. All entry cheques should be payable directly to the Club organising the Show or their nominated appointee
  2. Cheques will be banked when a reasonable number have been accumulated. If it is not possible for us to bank cheques directly, they will be handed over as often as possible
  3. All responsibility for non-online refunds rests with the Show Organising Club
  4. Cost of postage and packing of show paperwork will be met by the Show Organiser
  5. Conditions laid out in the Diamond Package Requirements must be met

About Longhedge Show Processing

Longhedge Show Processing was established in 2007 as part of Longhedge Services. We pride ourselves on providing a top class service to our clients, taking on the responsibilities of dealing with competitor enquiries. In partnership with First Place Processing we now offer online entries as well as our comprehensive at-show and post-show processing packages.

We also offer puppy training and dog obedience classes through The Vale of Belvoir Dog Training Club and agility classes, including puppy foundation classes through Agility Nuts.

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