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Crufts Medium ABC Agility Stakes

Date Heat Results
April 9-10 Scunthorpe
June 4-5 Wye Valley
June 18-19 Axstane
June 25 - July 3 Lune Valley
July 2 Wellingborough
July 23-24 Empingham
July 30-31 Derbyshire
August 27-28 Scottish Kennel Club  
September 2-4 Letchworth  
September 3-4 Gillingham  
November Discover Dogs Semi-Final  

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* Results from Chippenham 2019 held over for 2021 qualifiers

This competition is a special agility competition open to all dogs excluding Border Collies, Working Sheepdogs and any of their crosses. In the event of any dispute regarding the parentage of a dog competing in the ABC Agility competition, any concerns should be recorded in the Incident Book and reported to the Kennel Club.

Those dogs eligible to compete in Medium dog competition are those measuring over 35cm and those measuring 43cm or under at the withers and eligible to compete in combined Grades 1 to 7 for Medium dogs.

Competition Rules

The competition will be held under Kennel Club rules and regulations for Agility and any handler entering the competition will be deemed to have agreed to abide by these rules and regulations. Standard rules will apply and all equipment used shall be of a standard size for that height category.

The semi-final will consist of one round of agility competition and one round of jumping competition; the top 8 dogs qualifying for Crufts will be those with the least combined faults in the fastest combined time calculated over the two rounds of the semi-final.  If there is equality of faults and time, the agility round will take precedence.

The final will consist of one round of agility.  The winner of the Crufts Large Novice ABC Agility Stakes will be the dog and handler with the least faults in the fastest time.


There will be 10 qualifying shows throughout the year.  The first 10 placed dogs in each heat will have the following points awarded:

1st place = 10 points, 2nd place = 9 points etc. down to 10th place = 1 point. Qualifying points will be awarded down to 10th even if the show does not award class places down to 10th. 

If a qualified handler or dog is unable/unfit to attend the final, reserves will be taken from dog/s with the highest number of points from the heats which have/has not qualified.

The top fifteen dogs, with the most points, will be invited to a semi-final at Discover Dogs 2021. There will be a charge of £10 per dog. A maximum of three representatives of any one breed will be invited to the semi-final. This decision will be at the organisers’ discretion.  Discover Dogs will be held at Excel, London. Car parking will not be provided by the Kennel Club.

The first eight highest placed dogs at the semi-final will be invited to compete in the finals to be held at Crufts Dog Show, NEC Birmingham in March 2022.

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